Be the Best you can Be!

“Be the Best you can Be!” is an educational programme that aims to inspire, engage and empower young people and to help them take more control of their lives by becoming more self-aware and self-responsible. The Programme is a flexible framework for each School to integrate according to their ethos and structure and is unique in that it is:

  • An Educational Legacy created to go beyond Sport, and far beyond the inspiration of 2012, developing staff and students
  • Advocated by Ofsted to help Schools and Teachers to achieve Outstanding in the new inspection framework
  • Young people being facilitated to lead their learning to a greater extent and to take responsibility for their own goal setting; enhancing student voice
  • Flexible and up to each School to decide which year group, when, where and how to run it
  • Run in Primary and Secondary Schools across the UK engaging over 160,000 young people since September 2011

As an Educational Charity, “Be the Best you can Be!” is looking for ways to best support the valuable work being done in classrooms across the UK. Following feedback from schools running the “Be the Best you can Be!” programme, a series of Solution Focussed Workshops has been put together, comprising a 2-hour module designed to address your school’s specific challenges.

These workshops are intended to support improvement in key areas such as Meta-Cognition and Self-Regulation, Collaborative Learning and Peer Tutoring. The Workshops focus on a school’s chosen topics, frequently covering:

  • Developing Self-Motivation and Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Challenging Pupils
  • Exam Results and Achievement Progress
  • Parental Input
  • Creating Independence
  • Health and Emotional Wellbeing

The online brochure gives further information or visit the website at