CHTA 9th Annual Conference – March 2016

Another great event, the 9th annual Croydon Headteachers’ Conference, took place at the Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne on 10th/11th March 2016. Over 60 leaders, from all educational sectors, attended.

Day 1 began with a fascinating talk by Dr Ioan Rees, of Sycol, which focussed on how organisational culture is key to its performance, no less in schools than any other industry. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, to quote business visionary, Peter Drucker, was the key point.

After lunch, the delegates reconvened to discuss the Croydon local context, which was followed by thought-provoking and inspiring session with Ben Walden, who used Shakespeare’s Henry V to demonstrate key qualities of great leadership.

The morning of the second day was taken up with Andy Hind’s sessions covering the key principles of school improvement; principles that make real and lasting differences to the educational experiences, and therefore outcomes, of children.

Finally, successes of Croydon schools over the last 12 months were discussed and both potential and known challenges considered. Our challenge, going forwards, is to work together to overcome them.