Emergency Meeting Regarding Government ‘Fairer Funding’ Consultation

Dear Headteacher,

The government’s fairer funding project looks set to be the biggest change in school funding for a generation.  A consultation is under way and it is imperative that ALL Croydon Headteachers, Governors, Business Managers and interested individuals respond as this is the only way to have our voice heard. This is not just another consultation – the methodology that the government adopts will affect school funding for many years to come and the weighting that is given to each factor could make a difference of tens of thousands of pounds to Croydon schools. At a time when funding to schools is very tight getting this right is vital. The consultation documents are available on the Department for Education website: https://consult.education.gov.uk/?utm_source=EFA%20e-bulletin&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=e-bulletin&mxmroi=2305-34469-43730-0

The consultation only lasts a short time and closes on Sunday 17 April. This means that responses need to be submitted before or during the Easter holidays. The methodology involved is very complicated and a proper consideration should be given to which of the proposed factors you agree with and which you disagree with. In order to make the impact of these changes more widely known we have arranged a special meeting for all interested parties. This will take place at:

Fairfield Halls, Terrace Lounge between 1pm and 4:30 pm on Tuesday 22nd March

This is the only date that could be arranged at short notice and I urge as many as possible of you to attend. Maria Organ, the Finance Business Partner for schools and myself in my role as Chair of Schools Forum, will take attendees through each factor of the consultation and explain what the impact could be of voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at each point.

Please confirm your attendance by e-mailing Judith Bennett at Judith.bennett@croydon.gov.uk so that we can arrange refreshments.

I hope to see you there.

Jolyon Roberts

CHTA President 2015

Executive Headteacher, Pegasus Academy Trust