GLA Research Project on Building the Leadership Pool in London Schools

The GLA has commissioned research into interventions that could be made to increase London’s pool of future headteachers and school leaders. This work is on behalf of a pan-London group of education organisations and interests including ALDCS and HOSI.

Below are links to two 10 minute surveys which they would be grateful for your help in encouraging school middle and senior leaders and headteachers, principals and executive heads in Croydon to take part in.

The link for senior and middle leaders:

The link for headteachers:

These surveys are designed to identify and articulate existing best practice and innovation in schools to grow and develop the leadership pool; and to understand the barriers to progression to headship. This will be supported by qualitative research involving semi-structured telephone interviews with London middle and senior leaders. At the top of each survey is a link to a summary of the research and a two-page briefing note.

The survey will close on the 3rd June to give the research team sufficient time to analyse the data and inform their report to the London Education Group in June. We want the findings and ideas generated to form part of current, key discussions and initiatives to support London school leadership development.