Professional Development Links

Simon Trehearn, Deputy Principal at The Quest Academy has suggested the following links that may be of interest:

New study reveals that fewer students are the victim of bullying

I urge everyone to have a read of this first one – ’10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice’.
Your ’10 arrows’ focus on:
1.       Behaviour Management
2.       Questioning
3.       Literacy
4.       Marking and feedback
5.       Straight teaching
6.       Assessment
7.       Gifted and Able
8.       Homework
9.       Hard work
10.   Creative Opportunities
There are links with further information with each of the summaries.

Some good plenary ideas:

Some good ideas for structuring discussions:

A great article in the TES about the value of enrichment – really validates what we’re trying to do for our kids and gives us a few ideas on how to improve further:

For the Maths Team – How to get a Grade C using MyMaths and BBC Bite Size… all the links all the topics:

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