The challenge of budget cuts

The Department of Education has estimated a shortfall in the 2015-16 education budget of £600 million rising to £4.6 billion by 2018-2019.

This can only mean one thing, spending cuts, which according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, could be as much 12%.

With less money available where would cuts be made; staffing levels, availability and maintenance of facilities or important extra-curricular amenities?

Those schools worst affected by a spending short fall will most likely see some GCSE and A-Level courses scrapped, trips cancelled, work experience placements stopped and even photocopying rationed.

More experienced teachers are being replaced by those newly qualified and in some schools classroom assistants are being timetabled to teach.

The funding crisis is reaching all types of school from primary and secondary to academies, faith schools and grammars.

Going full circle back to one of the previous challenges, taking on more students brings in increased funding but a surge in pupil numbers brings with it a different set of issues.


Emma Williams