The Value of Exit Interviews

When recruitment is difficult an important part of any strategy is to identify the reasons why staff are leaving.

As part of such a strategy conducting exit questionnaires and interviews can be an invaluable experience for any school. Benefits include:

  • Improving the school or academy’s reputation as an employer;
  • Aiding staff recruitment and retention;
  • Promoting and recognising good practice;
  • Benchmarking with other schools in similar circumstances;
  • Identifying where change in employment practices and policies may be needed;
  • Identifying pockets of poor practice;
  • Provide evidence for where action is needed.

After consultation with Headteachers and union representatives Octavo are pleased to offer an online questionnaire for your staff to complete prior to their date of leaving.  A full exit interview with a member of staff from Octavo is also offered should the member of staff wish to further explain their reasons for leaving.  As the questionnaire is anonymous and delivered by Octavo your staff are assured that confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. After a number of responses are received meta data is available to governors and/or senior leaders as well as the opportunity to compare your results against borough averages.

How to register and associated charges:

1) Complete free registration process by e-mailing A standard questionnaire will be set up for your organisation.

2) Please email with the names and email addresses of your employees once they have given notice.  Octavo will ensure (where possible) that the online questionnaire is sent to your staff members in good time before their last day of service.

3) If your employee returns the questionnaire your school will be invoiced £25.00. Please note that there will be no charge if not returned.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please email Christine Lonsdale at or telephone on 07920 657797.